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Making jewellery has been my passion for many years (in beadwork and silversmithing) but when I discovered Precious Metal Clay (PMC) in the late 1990s I saw its creative potential and was mesmerised. I tried to find out as much as I could and connected with other jewellers who were experimenting and started to learn.


Initially available only in gold and fine silver (.999%), as the science developed, sterling silver, bronze, copper and more recently iron clays came onto the market and I use all types to create individual pieces. One of my favourite effects is the technique of oxidisation which creates beautiful depth and contrast of colour.However, because of varying differences in all kiln-fired work, the effects of oxidisation can vary greatly, so exact colouration can never be repeated. The upside is that every item is truly unique.


PMC is now an established form of jewellery making and I hold an Advanced Metal Clay  Diploma from the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery.



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